Eco-Activism Goes Mobile With Ecosnoop iPhone App

All you former Encyclopedia Browns and Nancy Drews turned environmentalists out there, take note: there’s new app for iPhone and iPod Touch that allows users to locate environmental offenders both large and small and even possibly bring them to justice, utilizing the combined power of mobile technology and social networking.

It’s called the Ecosnoop app, and it works like this: say you find a municipal grass patch that’s soaking the sidewalk on a daily basis, due to an overzealous (or broken) irrigation system. Just snap a pic with your iPhone, upload it to Ecosnoop and enter as much information as you can. The GPS function on your phone will tag it so that other EcoSnoop environmentalists can see it on a map of your area. They can provide comments and suggestions on how to resolve the case, and even confront city administrators with not only the evidence, but the demonstrated support of others in the area–hopefully affecting a resolution.  Once a resolution is in place, all parties concerned can rest assured that the issue has been tagged as resolved and those who resolved it given a green thumbs up.

image via Tree Hugger

image via Tree Hugger

Want Ecosnoop for free? You’ll have to put up with the ad-supported version–but for those eco-activists willing to drop $1.99 towards the cause Ecosnoop is available ad-free. Plans are currently in the works to expand into other platforms including Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Palm. The app is currently available through the iTunes App Store.

Ecosnoop [via press release]

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