Geothermal Power

California Goes for 50% Renewables by 2030

In a historic vote, California legislators have ensured that the eighth largest economy in the world is running on 50% renewable energy within just 15 years. California’s Democratic-majority legislature just acted decisively to further reduce the use of fossil energy… Read More
nevis geothermal

An Island Nation Prepares For A Geothermal Revolution

Sitting on top of a volcano may be just what Nevis, a small sombrero-shaped Caribbean Island, needs to become one of the greenest nations on Earth. Frequented by many celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas and Beyoncé, this… Read More
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Iceland’s Magma Harnessed For Geothermal Heat Record

Geothermal power development has traditionally been about drilling down into subsurface reservoirs of hot water. Enhanced geothermal is expanding the field to include dry, permeable hot rock where water can be added. But geothermal in molten rock? That’s pushing the… Read More
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New Mexico Joins The Geothermal Power Ranks

You can add New Mexico has the short list of U.S. states that are utility-scale geothermal energy producers. The new plant in the Animas Valley, way down in the southwestern part of the state, is operating at a modest 4… Read More
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Geothermal Power Flows From Nevada To LA

That renewable energy “first” that way back in April we said was on its way? It’s here. Power from a geothermal plant in northern Nevada is flowing to Southern California. Ormat Technologies said the Don A. Campbell Geothermal Plant in… Read More
nevis geothermal

To Dump Diesel, Island Eyes Geothermal

From mere burgs to populous states to independent nations, islands have a particular motivation for going green: they can avoid the use of expensive and dirty diesel for power generation. Solar with some wind have typically been the technologies of… Read More