United Airlines Biofuel Plane

Major American Air Carrier Tests Biofuel Alternative

United Airlines has taken the first step towards building a biofuel-powered fleet. New biofuel blends are being tested on short-run flights in hopes that they’ll prove to be a valuable tool to cutting airline carbon emissions worldwide. United Airlines is… Read More
liquefication biogas

Banana Peels And Coffee Grounds To Power The Bus

Up to 50,000 tons of food waste a year won’t be going into landfills in Norway. It’ll be going into buses. How’s that? Well, the grimy grub will become transportation fuel at a new Wärtsilä-built biogas liquefaction plant outside Oslo.… Read More
Boeing Ubu Dhabi biofuel avaiation

Boeing Biofuels Push Gains Altitude

There’s no technological challenge to flying commercial airliners on fuels with a substantial renewable component. It’s been done, done and done again. The trick is in feeding a steady stream of aviation biofuels to the airlines at feasible prices –… Read More

Pub Grease Helps Heat Green Building Superstar

Move over, One Angel Square, there’s a new top dog in the BREEAM rating system. One Embankment Place, a commercial building above Charing Cross Station in London that was built more than 20 years ago, has been refurbished for occupant… Read More

Enzyme With Big Appetite Could Boost Biofuel

Lignocellulosic fuels – those made from plant fiber, instead of food feedstocks like corn or soybeans – are one of the great hopes for greening the transportation sector. They’ve been slow to come to market, but government researchers think they… Read More
waste management landfill gas natural gas

Landfill Gas Will Power Trash Collectors

Waste Management, the big trash collection and disposal company, is building a plant that will turn landfill gas into natural gas that will go into the central and southern Illinois pipeline, and be used to power some of the company’s… Read More

Corn Ethanol Runs Hard Into ‘Blend Wall’

That strange, de facto alliance of many environmentalists, Big Food and Big Oil scored a victory last week as the Obama administration proposed to reduce the amount of biofuels that are required to be used in the nation’s gasoline supply.… Read More

New Free App Lets You Find Alternative Fueling Stations

Need help locating fueling stations offering alternative fuels, including electricity, natural gas, biodiesel, e85 Ethanol, propane and hydrogen? There’s now an iPhone app for that, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). The new Alternative… Read More
ethanol biofuels

US Ethanol In Throes Of Tumult

There’s even more turmoil than usual in the U.S. biofuels policy realm, with lawsuits, demands for criminal investigations, leaked documents and threats flying all over the place. It all revolves around the 2007 renewable fuel standard that requires increasing amounts… Read More