Overwhelmingly, researchers have found little evidence to back up complaints that utility-scale wind power can be blamed for a wide range of alleged ailments lumped together as “wind turbine syndrome.” But this hasn’t quieted wind power opponents, whose impassioned voices can sometimes seem to overwhelm the fact-based rebuttals from the academy and the industry.

Into that fray now jumps Pascale, a kid from Freiburg, Germany. Wind turbines overlook her hometown, but Pascale doesn’t mind, and she and her father have made a video that puts complaints about wind turbine noise and ill health effects into an interesting new context.

Wind turbines make me sick from Craig Morris on Vimeo.

I traded email with the “Daddy” referenced in the video, Craig Morris, who follows renewable energy as the editor of Renewables International. Morris emphasized that the wind turbine noise you hear in the video – or, more accurately, don’t hear – is a true reflection of reality.

“For the ‘wind noise’ video … I did absolutely nothing to the audio to reduce the sound coming from the wind turbines – no tweaking whatsoever,” Morris said. “None needed, and that is my point.”

Morris explained that he is working on a 45- to 60-minute film on Germany’s energy transition – Energiewende – that will include the wind turbine noise video, as well as another already produced and that we highly recommend, called “Four German Words.”

The videos and the film are tied in with an effort to build Energy Democracy TV, which describes itself as “the world’s first crowdpublished magazine app on the decentralized, community owned energy transition.” It’s an attempt, you might say, to amplify the often quiet voices of renewable energy supporters:

Energy Democracy TV helps pave the way to a society based on 100% renewable energy by covering stories that are often neglected or misinterpreted by traditional media: Behind the energy transition are engaged and committed people, conflicts, dramas and heroes of everyday life. They are making the energy revolution happen by pushing for right policies, building a community wind farm or installing solar panels on their roof.

Full disclosure: In the interest of following its progress, I kicked in $10 for Energy Democracy TV. – Pete Danko

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