Whether it’s a smart phone that lets you check email while traveling, or a GPS that keeps you on track during a road trip, there’s no denying that gadgets make our lives simple and safer…as long as they’ve got a full battery, that is.

The AIRE mask is a new concept device for recharging  small electronic devices. Instead of solar power, or kinetic energy,  it converts wind (provided by the wearer’s breath) into electricity that can be used to juice your phone or other gadgets.

Image via João Paulo Lammoglia

When you’re at home or the office, it’s easy to plug your electronics up to a handy outlet and wait for them to charge, but the same isn’t true when on the go, especially in the back country. Also, most utility companies get their electricity from coal-fired or nuclear power plants, something many people are trying to slowly eliminate from their carbon footprint.

The AIRE mask solves all of these problems by making it easy to power your devices with renewable energy that you make yourself. Inside the unit there are small wind turbines that convert the energy of your breath into electricity which is then transferred through a cable to your small electronic device.

And lest you get the idea that you’ll have huff and puff like the Big Bad Wolf to juice up your iPhone, the mask’s creator is quick to point out that no such hyperventilation is required:

AIRE can be used in any situation, indoors or outdoors,” writes João Paulo Lammoglia on red dot online, where his design won a concept award. “It can be used while you sleep, walk, run, or read a book, for example. Besides saving energy (and contributing to environmental preservation), it also encourages the practice of physical exercise. Its energy is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.”

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