Wave energy harnessed from the power of the oceans is something which lags a little behind solar and wind power in deployment. That looks to be changing, at least in China anyhow, as wave energy development company SDE recently unveiled plans to build a massive 10 MW wave power system off the Chinese coast.

SDE, reported BusinessGreen, just unveiled its first 1 MW wave power plant in the city of Dong Ping in the Guangzhou province. This is just the beginning of deployment in this area, however, as the company says that the system as it is envisioned will be able to “provide China with a clean and cost-efficient source of energy, which will minimize the pollution ranks in the country, and avoid causing harm to the steady economic and industrial growth of the country.” SDE has other wave power works under consideration in China, including near Nan San Inland of Zhan Jiang city, where the beach is 24KM and the wave’s height it between 2-3 meters, as well as in the province of Hainan, in which SDE’s partners are in the final stages of negotiations.

Wave Power
image via Wikipedia

SDE said that its particular flavor of wave power “consists of using sea wave motion to generate hydraulic pressure, which is then transformed into electricity. The system takes advantage of the wave’s speed, height, depth, rise and fall, and the flow beneath the approaching wave, thus producing energy.”

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