Wind Farms Can Provide Clean Energy Surplus

Wind Farms Can Provide Clean Energy Surplus (via Clean Technica)

The wind energy industry has seen a lot of growth over the past decade, and has become a dominant force in the renewable energy industry, up against traditional heavyweights like solar. Public support for wind is growing with each year, and leading…


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    Energy storage is the key issue for renewables.

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      And “That” is not a problem….

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        THX! Looks very interestng.

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    A good news Earth Day fun time (ignore the bad news for now) blog - Greenpeace USA

    […] That Global Solar Dominance Is In Sight only elevates our giddiness.) Staying with renewables, aStanford University study showed that wind produces enough surplus energy to provide 72 hours of reserves. In other words, […]

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