Green Energy Powers Fancy London Billboard

A billboard might not seem like a huge step towards eco-consciousness, but any little bit helps, especially with something as simple as billboards. Ricoh Company has recently finished installing the very first 100 percent eco-powered billboard in London, located on the motorway between London and Heathrow Airport.

The billboard will run off of both solar and wind generated power and store the energy at an on-site private power generator. The sign contains 96 solar panels and five wind turbines, which will produce an average of 12,612 watts/hour a day, and stands 3 m high by 12 m wide.

Ricoh Eco Board

image via Ricoh

The billboard is part of Ricoh‘s initiative to lower their own environmental impact by one-eighth of the Fiscal Year 2000 levels by 2050. Currently Ricoh has already installed a solar-generated billboard in Times Square, New York as part of their eco-board initiative.

An interesting thing to note with this billboard is that on bad weather days it may not light up because it doesn’t get enough energy to power it (it isn’t connected to the grid). Ricoh seems to be ok with this, stating that “however if there is insufficient wind or solar power, the sign may not light up; that is an eventuality Ricoh readily accepts.”

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