Obama Visits GE Wind Turbine Plant

President Obama, wasting no time after reaching high level agreements with Chinese leaders on clean energy and green tech, headed to “Schenectady, New York where he visited a General Electric (GE) plant building high-tech wind turbines and discussed about the importance of spurring innovation at home and selling our goods and services abroad.” It was here, said the White House, where he also announced the appointment of GE Chairman and CEO Jeffrey Immelt to the head the new White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

GE is certainly no slouch in the area of green technology, in fact utilizing its various strengths recently at the Consumer Electronics Show to showcase its vision of the smart grid enabled home. It seemed fitting, therefore, that Obama used the GE turbine factory backdrop to talk about how he believes “America is still home to the most creative and most innovative businesses in the world” and that “we must harness our spirit of innovation and creativity to compete in the global economy.”

Obama GE

image via White House

President Obama and White House staff weren’t the only ones using the moment to pump American  innovation in the green technology sector on this day. GE, of course, took full advantage of the President’s visit, with Immlet talking to Obama of his company being “one of the leading providers of renewable energy equipment in the world, with more than 14,500 wind turbines installed in more than 21 countries providing enough power to operate more than 7.25 million homes.”

The Schenectady facility where Obama visited is the birthplace of GE and home to GE Energy’s Power & Water division, which develops and manufactures steam turbines, generators, wind turbines and solar technology. It also is the future home of GE’s advanced battery manufacturing facility.

Also taking advantage of the President’s visit, and trying to drum up support for New York’s clean energy industry, was the Alliance for Clean Energy New York. It declared that the “untapped opportunities for renewable energy and energy efficiency range all the way from research and development to education and training to manufacturing and operations. We look forward to seeing New York fulfill this vast potential and lead the nation in green job creation.”

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    Shari R.

    Really? Will he be visiting and working deals and special positions with other WE giants who are creating jobs in America, like Vestas or Siemens? Or is this another special interest, favoritism by this administration?

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