Home Wind Turbine Sports Colorful Blades

Those living the off-grid lifestyle and generating their own clean energy look to have a new small, home wind turbine to choose from courtesy of Electric Pinwheels. The turbine, which we assume is the company’s EP-220 model, is interesting in several regards, including the fact you get to choose from one of 21 different color choices for the interchangeable blades.

The EP-220 model from Electric Pinwheels, which we learned about via The Green Optimistic, is definitely not the type of mega wind turbine you see dotting wind farms across the country. It is rather for small scale home installations that are designed specifically for lower, turbulent winds. The company, which began development on its wind turbine in 2008, now is selling what it calls a “Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) with a patent-pending semi-rigid blade structure that is 63% lighter than comparable blades made from wood or fiberglass.”


image via Electric Pinwheels

Features of the Electric Pinwheels wind turbine include power output of 220 watts at 28 mph (12.5 m/s); being made from recycled plastic; reportedly being able to more quickly respond to wind speed and direction changes in residential settings; and being able to swap out blades on the turbine without tools in eight seconds.

The turbine sells either by itself or as part of a larger plug-ready system with optional solar panels. Either way it is designed to be portable, “allowing the owner to move the wind turbine and solar panel to get the best results and to take it with them if needed.”

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