Scorpion HX Hydrogen Sportscar Not Cheap

Niche car manufacturer Ronn Motors said it is now finally ready to take orders for its upcoming Scorpion HX “eco-exotic sportscar.” The green vehicle, driven by a rear engine, hydrogen fuel injected system, will cost you a total of $250,000, with a $50,000 deposit required to secure one of the 200 reportedly to be made each year.

The Scorpion HX, according to Ronn Motors, is capable of 650 horse power generated from its twin turbocharged engine. Its proprietary hydrogen fuel cell system, called H2GO, is an on-demand offering that the company says will provide increased gas mileage and reduced emissions. This system is paired with the new aluminum and magnesium V-Tech, V-6 Type S motor from Acura, modified by Ronn Motors for its own needs.

Ronn Motors Scorpion

image via Ronn Motors

Other features of the Scorpion HX will include customized color choices, a carbon fiber body, HID Xenon headlights, custom heated leather seats, GPS, a 3 point shoulder harness, 6 speed manual transmission and what is said to be “Indy car style” hybrid fully independent front and rear suspension. The 0-60 MPH on this car is said as well to be 3.2 to 3.5 seconds.

Ronn Motors said it plans to begin production in a manufacturing facility by the end of August. If the company’s facility is delayed in any way, it added, it will produce the cars in a temporary facility.

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