Montana Energy Project Looks To Be 100 Percent Renewable

An interesting renewable energy project looks to slowly be taking shape in Montana which would combine smart grid technology with renewable energy sources into a self-contained system that doesn’t mix in non-renewable power sources such as coal. This project, called the Wind Spirit Project, has just been submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission by developer Grasslands Renewable Energy LLC for regulatory approval.

The Wind Spirit Project, if approved and fully implemented, could potentially be up and fully running by 2017. The stated goal of this project is that “renewable energy from multiple geographic areas will combine with energy storage technologies and smart grid components to create a more consistent renewable energy supply.” Grasslands says the energy “would be collected via series of 230KV AC transmission lines and transported to large markets using high voltage AC and DC transmission lines.” 3,000 megawatts of energy are planned for Montana with the idea of making “renewable energy more efficient and cost effective.”

Wind Spirit Project

image via Grasslands Renewable Energy LLC

This project, according to Grasslands, is already said to have “broad support from local, state and federal officials” and, if it actually ever comes to full development, could “create hundreds of jobs and pay millions in local and state property taxes” as well as giving the state of Montana a reliable source of direct renewable energy.

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