Windation Wind Turbine Tries To Keep Birds From Being Airkill

Wind turbines often face two challenges: permitting and birds getting turned into airkill when they try to fly through them. Windation hopes to change all that with their 5 kW Turbo WindMill 5000 urban-wind rooftop turbine designed for commercial and industrial buildings, billed as “permit-ready” and “bird-safe.”

According to Clean Techies, Windation has developed “ducted wind systems:” enclosed machines that look a lot like a commercial air conditioning unit, measuring 9×9×10 feet and weighing less than half of your average HVAC system. This means that Windation’s systems meet established permitting and siting codes for rooftop appliances. Another advantage? They use a similar method of installation.


image via Windation

Internally housed rotating blades and generators mean birds won’t get caught in the unit, and apparently this increases the safety and ease of maintenance associated with the Windation 5 kW wind turbine as well.  The Turbo WindMill 5000 can produce 10,000 kWh per year with average wind speeds of 7.2 m/s.

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  • Reply December 12, 2013

    Anthony J. Alfidi

    I wasted a month of my life working with Windation in 2007. Read what Paul Gipe and others say about the commercial non-viability of small urban VAWT technology.

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