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New Water Collection Method Inspired By Bugs

Harvard researchers are perfecting methods to collect water from the air via dropwise condensation so that not one precious drop gets away from us. Water is critical to life on Earth, and is in increasingly short supply as demand rises.… Read More
Lehman Science Hall LEED Platinum 1

CUNY’S Lehman Science Hall Earns LEED Platinum

While over 18,000 projects have achieved LEED certification worldwide, fewer than 1,200 have achieved the highest designation of Platinum. City University of New York (CUNY) is now one of those lucky few. The school’s new Lehman College Science Hall recently… Read More
green roof, Portland

What Cities Are Doing To Become Water Smart

In the U.S., our infrastructure isn’t designed to handle the increased floods and droughts that come with global warming. Consider Florida, where coastal cities are spending billions of dollars on pumps and desalination plants to deal with flooding, or Denver,… Read More
green city roof

Top 6 Cities Leading The Green Building Revolution

Unless they’re from Kansas or North Carolina, most people agree that green building makes sense–environmentally and financially. Instead of nagging people to unplug their appliances after use or use air conditioning sparingly, we’re now designing buildings with materials and technologies… Read More
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Green Building Booms In Retail, Hospitality Sectors

While we wait for the right combination of home energy management tools, visual reports, and incentives for people to choose green-built homes over conventional ones, the business sector has blazed its own trail. Always concerned about the bottom line, entrepreneurs… Read More