Green Home & Building

Portland Framework Building

Portland Gets on Board With Tall Wood Construction

Portland, Oregon, is getting a new 12-story building with an innovative award-winning design – and it’s going to be built with wood. The Framework building, planned for Portland’s Pearl District, will be a mixed-use retail, office and residential space, and… Read More

Heat Your Home With Compost

Some crafty individuals are putting their compost piles to another good use – heating their homes. Compost, besides making a wonderful garden fertilizer, gives off a lot of heat as it decays. Creative and green-minded homeowners can trap that heat… Read More
Hills At Vallco

California Gets World’s Largest Green Roof

You don’t usually think of taking the elevator up to the roof to enjoy your lunch in the park, but that’s exactly what shoppers in Cupertino are going to be able to do once the world’s largest green rooftop is … Read More
Origine condominium complex, opening in 2017

Wood Construction Reaches New Heights in Quebec

Wood construction is about to hit a new milestone as the tallest wooden building ever built in North America is set to begin construction in Quebec City. The tallest wooden building in North America is currently the Wood Innovation and… Read More
living things

Bringing Décor to Life with Photosynthetic Furniture

Say goodbye to the houseplants you keep forgetting to water, and embrace a new trend: decorative, functional microorganisms. Innovations in industrial and architectural design might soon bring photosynthesis into your home in a completely new way – by building algae… Read More
tallest vertical garden

Taking Vertical Gardens To New Heights

Patrick Blanc might have invented vertical gardens, as he claims, or perhaps he simply popularized an earlier concept, as editors at Wikipedia confidently attest. In any case, Blanc is the reason these “green walls” are popping up with increasing frequency,… Read More

Bringing A Touch Of Green To American Capitals

There’s a step-by-step, city-by-city effort unfolding to add a little green to U.S. capitals, and three more cities have just been added to the program: Lansing, Mich., Madison, Wis. and Olympia, Wash. Run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Greening… Read More
ECE Illinois net zero

Net Zero At Unprecedented Scale On Illinois Campus

Net zero isn’t new, but it remains very ambitious. And at this scale? Unheard of. We’re talking about the new Electrical and Computer Engineering building at the University of Illinois. This is a 230,000-square-foot project on the Urbana-Champaign, Ill., campus,… Read More
Blue Sky Homes Desert 2

5 Awesome Houses You Won’t Believe Are Pre-Fab

Despite recent economic upheaval, owning a home is still a life goal for many people. In addition to finding a house in the right location that suits aesthetic desires, a growing number of consumers are concerned about impact of building… Read More