Green Home & Building

The Crystal Forest concept makes extensive use of greenery in its adaptive reuse modules. Image via Except.

Except Co-op: A Crystal Forest In Every Warehouse

Over the last few decades, as industrialization has waned in many parts of the Western world, hundreds of shuttered factories and warehouses have been renovated as new mixed-used facilities or tourist attractions. The vast majority of these adaptive reuse projects,… Read More
BIG's design makes playful use of the ubiquitous toy's blocky nature. Image via BIG.

BIG Plans To Snap Together An Homage To Lego

When an architect is tasked with creating an homage to the greatest architectural toy brand ever created (and arguably the best all-around toy since the invention of mud) it’s almost impossible to not think like a kid rummaging through a… Read More
The 538,000-square-foot site of the 2010 Expo will soon be transformed into a sustainable business and entertainment district. Image via Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects.

Shanghai Expo To Live On As Sustainable Community

Most temporary expositions and world’s fairs have a spotty track record of sustainability or utility after the crowds have gone. Many convert back to industrial use or lie fallow for years instead of coalescing into vibrant communities. In China, there… Read More
By taking into account the sun angles at various times of year, the proposed Carve Tower will control the amount of shadows it casts on green spaces. Image via Studio Gang.

Sun-Sculpted NYC Tower To Cast Minimal Shadows

When the High Line park was opened in New York City’s Lower West Side in 2009, it was a victory not only for adaptive reuse advocates and urban preservationists. The mile-and-a-half-long elevated park also became a magnet for innovative architectural… Read More
Unlike many other struggling retail chains, Sears is trying to make an asset out of its acres of empty stores. Image by bradleygee via Flickr.

Sears Holdings Tries To Recycle The ‘Big Box’

One of the more unavoidable side-effects of the rise of online retail over the last 15 years has been the hundreds of empty brick-and-mortar buildings that are no longer attracting customers. The global financial crisis of 2008 helped put the… Read More
Artist's rendering of the planned West Valley campus that will cater to 3,400 students. Image via HGA Architects and Engineers.

Oasis Of Green Education To Appear In The Desert

Communities that are located in harsh climates – such as one of the driest spots in North America – are often criticized for the enormous resources that are expended to make the climate fit for humans. Palm Springs, Calif., often… Read More