Green Home


Wimoto Sensors Make A Dumb Home Smart In Minutes

Accurate information about what’s going on at home–both outside and in–is key when seeking energy savings. The way a home performs, and how comfortable or safe we are when inside it, depends a lot on the external environment. Unfortunately, we… Read More
green lawn care,madison earth care

Solar Power Makes Yard Work Clean And Quiet

Gas-burning mowers, blowers, trimmers – they’re polluters of the first rank (and an aural blight rivaled only by the car alarm if you ask me). Cordless electric devices are available, but for a landscaping company moving from job to job,… Read More
food waste compost

NYC Announces Citywide Mandatory Composting Program

In his State of the City address in February, Mr. Bloomberg called food waste “New York City’s final recycling frontier.” The headline-loving Mayor, whose previous attempts to clean up the Big Apple include a proposed tax on soft drinks, bans… Read More
Algae Bulb

AlgaeBulb Brings New Meaning To ‘Green Power’

Not content with CFLs or LEDs? Looking for an even greener way to light up your life? Hungarian designer Gyula Bodonyi’s “AlgaeBulb” concept might be right up your alley. Algae has huge potential as a source of green energy, but… Read More
new energy technologies solar window

Power-Generating Glass Windows Almost Ready For Market

The technology needed to turn windows, any type of glass window, into transparent power planets is almost ready for commercial production. New Energy Technologies, Inc. developer of spray-on solar cells recently announced that its researchers have successfully achieved faster fabrication… Read More