When it rains, it pours. Designers and entrepreneurs have begun to realize that the power outlet is the one feature that’s failed to keep pace with technological advancements happening elsewhere in the home. At long last, we’re getting some alternatives, like the Inlet or Modlet, that can actually help reduce energy consumption and give us more control over other technologies in the house.

Valta’s newest offering, now seeking funding on Kickstarter, is yet another “smart outlet” joining this growing niche. The system allows users to control appliances via their smartphone,  in hopes of reducing the hidden waste and costs associated with typical power usage.

valta smart power outlet
Image via Valta

You’re probably wondering, if the Valta smart outlet is just another in the recent flurry of new-fangled outlet mods to appear upon the scene, why are we bothering to tell you about it?

Well interestingly, Valta’s newest product actually offers some unique features that aren’t found elsewhere. Yet.

The product includes one or more ‘smart’ power outlets, a v-hub, and a smartphone application, and can automatically detect unused devices, identify energy waste, and send notifications to help users save money and energy, according to a company press release. The system’s high-definition chip set, along with a patented energy detection/measurement system, can measure and identify standby power with surprising accuracy.

Thanks to this advanced technology, the Valta app will not only track vampire power usage but also notify you about it and encourage you to turn off or unplug the device.

The Valta’s system also offers three different scheduling options so users customize the behavior of any appliance or device plugged into out of the smart outlet modules. Imagine scheduling your indoor lights to turn on for a few hours when you’re on vacation, or your television to turn off at a certain time each night so that your kids know it’s time to go to bed.

And then there’s all the normal stuff you’d expect–real-time reports on total consumed, energy used and potential saving; usage by time and by date; 24-hour data logger. “Historical data is stored in our cloud server, so you can always check and find out if any improvement has been made,” note the designers.

Kickstarter supporters can pledge as little as $5 to support the Valta’s goal, and a pledge of $139 allows supporters to be among the first to receive the product.


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