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Earthquake Resistant Energy Box Passive House

Survive The Earthquakes In This Timber Passive House

The recent fracking boom has triggered earthquakes in places that have never before experienced a tremor. For the first time in recorded history, places like Ohio and Arkansas have experienced hundreds of earthquakes now linked to fracking wastewater injection wells.… Read More
The RHW.2 building

20-Story Vienna Office Building Is First Passive High Rise

In order for a structure to be considered “passive“, it’s got to be buttoned up tight. Leaky windows or insufficient insulation means wasted energy, something that’s unacceptable in a passive house design. Normally, this would prevent glass-covered skyscrapers from even… Read More
The rammed-earth extension on this stone farmhouse is the first use of the ancient technology in Germany since the 1950s. Image via Roswag Architekten.

German Farmhouse Gets A Rammed-Earth Revival

Following the devastation of World War II, much of Germany used whatever methods were available to dig itself out of the rubble. One of these methods was “rammed earth,” an ancient technique that used a compressed mixture of soil, chalk,… Read More

Wood-based Sheathing That Breathes And Insulates

A German wood-based insulation product has entered the US market and found its way into new superinsulated homes. Agepan THD (AH-ga-pahn) doesn’t look at all revolutionary or high-tech, but it hits a sweet spot that makes it very useful. It’s… Read More