Green Living

Best Solar Laptop Charger

One of the best things about the modern world and all of our electronic devices is that we can work and communicate from just about anywhere, the only thing we need is power. If you like to keep all your… Read More
Pure Garden 50-173-MOS Solar Power

Best Solar Bug Zapper

Many insecticides and repellents are harmful, both for you and your family as well as the environment. Thankfully there is an easy eco-friendly solution that is safe for everyone: a solar bug zapper. Solar bug zappers work the same way… Read More

Best Solar USB Charger

We all know how nerve-wracking it can be to try to use your phone only to find that the battery is running low. This is especially stressful when you are away from home and do not have easy access to… Read More
TP-solar 10 Watt

Best Solar Battery Tender

Batteries lose their charge over time, especially vehicle batteries. If you have a car or motorcycle that you only use seasonally, then you have probably experienced that horrible feeling of turning the key and getting nothing but a hollow click.… Read More
Adaptive Sound Technologies

Best Energy-Efficient White Noise Machines

White noise machines produce white noise and relaxing sounds to either drown out the unwanted sounds around you or create a relaxing sound for you to focus on while you relax into blissful slumber. One thing you do not want… Read More
diy mold removal

Best Non-Toxic DIY Mold Removal

Everyone has seen them, those tiny dark spots that spring up around the bathtub, on window sills, and on shower curtains. Mold. Mold is a type of fungus that loves to grow in dark damp places and can seemingly spring… Read More
Greenzla Bamboo

Best Bamboo Toothbrush

Did you know that approximately 1 billion toothbrushes are thrown away every year and that the majority of them are plastic? We can’t stop using toothbrushes, but we can decrease our excess plastic waste by switching to bamboo toothbrushes. Bamboo… Read More

Best Fitness Trackers

Having a fitness tracker can be a great way to record your progress on your fitness journey as well as have some accountability for your daily activity levels. Fitness trackers can help you to keep track of your daily steps,… Read More
Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro

Best Standing Desk

Staying active can be challenging when you have a computer-based job. So what is the solution? A standing desk. After all sitting is the new smoking. Standing desks give you the ability to move more while still getting your work… Read More

Best Reusable Straws

Let’s face it, even though many of us love straws, they aren’t necessary and they create a lot of unpleasant plastic waste. Many companies are discontinuing the use of plastic straws and the state of California has banned single-use plastic… Read More

Best Glass Water Bottles

One of the best ways to stay hydrated is to carry water with you everywhere you go. Although there are a lot of options when it comes to reusable water bottles, the healthiest and most environmentally friendly option is a… Read More
best electric toothbrush

Best Electric Toothbrush

Electric toothbrushes are all the rage with dentists and dental hygienists and for good reason. These toothbrushes are more effective and require less effort than manual toothbrushes. The trouble is that there are thousands of models with tons of features,… Read More
best electric lawn mower

Best Electric Lawn Mower

If you are reading this article it means that you are considering buying an electric lawn mower. With an electric lawn mower, you never have to worry about fuel, extra maintenance, or difficult starts. These mowers also create less noise… Read More
Worx WG896 Corded Edger

Best Electric Edgers

One detail that will greatly add to the beauty of your lawn as well as give your yard that finished professional look: perfectly edged sidewalks and garden beds. Choosing an electric edger is great for the environment. We have compiled… Read More