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Are We On Track To Stop Climate Change?

Not every problem can be solved by throwing more money at it, but climate change is one of them. Simply investing enough money in clean energy – fast enough – will in fact stave off the worst of climate change,… Read More
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Europe Targets Traffic, Starting In Leicester

Europe is about to launch a major project aimed at delivering green traffic management systems in cities and towns and they’ve chosen a city right in the center of England to launch it. Leicester, one of the oldest cities in… Read More
Walmart Sustainability Meeting

Walmart Takes Sustainability To Blogosphere

After announcing their dedication to sustainability in 2005 – and subsequently pumping out hundreds of press releases promoting their green initiatives – Walmart found itself in a strange position: It ranked as both the most and the least socially and… Read More

2011 Holiday Green Gift Shopping Guide

Editor’s Note: Our guide this year is brought to you courtesy of Splendor USA, makers of Splendor Waterless Car Care eco car washing products.   The 2011 holiday season shopping frenzy is now upon on. Whether in stores or online,… Read More

A Green Bank Is the Right Tool for Jobs

By Richard W. Caperton and Bracken Hendricks, Center for American Progress Download this brief (pdf) Read this brief in your web browser (Scribd) Protecting our national security, growing our economy, and avoiding the most catastrophic effects of global climate change… Read More
Green Jobs

So You Want To Get A Green Industry Job

Green jobs benefit both the environment and the economy–they’re growing at a rate twice that of all jobs overall, and according to President Obama, they’re the key to America staying competitive in the global economy. But what are these green… Read More