Summer’s coming, and with it comes the urge to travel, kick back, and do something fun with friends and family, like go to a festival. Festivals of all kinds pop up in the summer, often taking place outdoors so that folks can enjoy some sunshine and natural beauty while listening to music, socializing and watching performances. But thanks to their often large size and massive attendance, festivals aren’t always light in their ecological impact. However, many festivals center on environmentalism itself as a reason for celebration, and use the music, scenery and general good summer fun to raise awareness of environmental issues and teach festival goers about the importance of being green.

Here are five environmentally themed festivals happening this summer that not only have green features of their own, but seek to provide education and inspiration to their visitors, helping them make changes ranging from small, at-home actions to larger political and social ones. Of course, this isn’t all these festivals have to offer; many also feature music, film, workshops and activities for kids and adults alike. Click on an image to learn more about the festival.

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