Your typical on-the-go lighting solutions for tasks like navigating in the dark or reading when little or no other ambient light is available tend to be ugly looking (i.e. most flashlights) and non-energy efficient due to the sucking of life from a typical alkaline battery. Wouldn’t it be cool if someone could think up a paper-thin lighting solution which is eco-friendly and easy to carry with you? Oh wait, someone has – at least a concept anyhow: Lightleaves.

Lightleaves, as mentioned by Yanko Design, are the work of designer Valentina Trimani.Trimani envisioned a device which would be used by those “who read and travel everywhere.” A Lightleaf is about the size of a large bookmark and though it’s not quite clear what type of lighting technology would be used in this exactly, Trimani mentions OLEDs and how great progress is being made in light development, so we will assume it is that.

image via Valentina Trimani

A Lightleaf, in theory, would be bright enough to “enlighten rooms and tents, maps and books” and would offer an adjustable brightness option. It would be “wireless and rechargeable” – how that is done is a bit of a mystery as well, though induction is one speculation. As this is just a design concept, it will never probably light up one’s way, but it is a unique idea nonetheless.

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