The Top 4 Cities For Green Living

With positive employment trends sweeping recent headlines, people are champing at the bit to find new and improved, fulfilling areas of work. One of the most popular focus areas as of late is centered around the concept of green living and eco-friendly business, or as the Bureau of Labor Statistics puts it, “producing goods and providing services that benefit the environment or conserve natural resources.” With that in mind, cities across the globe are making positive changes in an effort to become more environmentally conscious. So, where can you find an eco-friendly job, and which cities are best for green living? Here are the top 4 destinations worth considering:

1. Vancouver, Canada

How will Vancouver become the world’s greenest city by 2020? It’s simple, really: reduce waste, carbon and create sustainable, eco-friendly jobs, homes and communities. Vancouver currently leads the world in hydroelectric energy, which accounts for 90 percent of the city’s power supply. Employment rates have increased 18 percent in Vancouver, generated by renewable energy companies and initiatives, the construction of new foot and bike paths and local holistic grocers and farmers. Companies like ARAMARK Canada Ltd. and the Enmax Corporation were rated among Canada’s Greenest Employers. To find current job openings, job search sites specific to Canada offer free job applications for those looking to professionally go green in the Vancouver area.

Photo by Thom Quine via Wikimedia Commons

2. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is one of the country’s most innovative and authoritative cities on clean power research and solar power. In fact, one-third of all American’s who work in solar power reside in California, employing a reported total of 47,000 individuals. San Francisco also implemented a unique approach to recycling and conservation, all in an effort to divert 75 percent of landfill waste. Local artists use recycled goods to create art within the community at designated bins, sending a powerful and creative message to the city’s residents.

Photo by Fred Hsu via Wikimedia Commons

3. Austin, Texas

Leading the nation as the top seller of renewable energy, Austin, Texas may be the right fit for you, socially and professionally. Austin is also home to SOL, a housing community with a holistic, sustainable approach, offering homes that produce as much energy as they consume. While you’re at it, check out Austin’s own EcoNetwork, an online blog and weekly newsletter, providing locals with green community updates and initiatives, jobs and more. Additionally, the city boasts dozens of jobs that focus on sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental compliance.

Photo by eschipul via Flickr

4. Chicago, Illinois

Chicago, the city by the lake, has also made great efforts to embrace sustainability. A whopping 500,000 new trees have been planted, in addition to 2.5 million square feet of plant life on the roofs of Chicago’s finest skyscrapers. The city’s public transit authority (CTA) has also made a commitment to green initiatives by reducing the city’s carbon footprint. Buses and trains have been equipped with eco-friendly fuel alternatives and self-sufficient energy technologies. The Windy City also employs hundreds of locals annually in government sustainability and environmental design positions.

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