Enviro Films Honored At American Clean Skies Foundation Awards

It may not have the celebrity presence or media fanfare of the Oscars, but one could argue that the films, videos and web-based applications honored at the recent American Clean Skies Foundation’s Energy Visions Prize gala are farm more important than the Academy’s selections.

The recently established award exists to reward creators for investing in media projects that have a public impact; offer engaging stories and compelling visuals, and that showcase energy solutions or embody them. Those taking home a chunk of the $250,000 prize contributed outstanding media and technology that, according to ACSF, advance a vision for America’s energy security and a cleaner, low carbon environment.

ACSF Energy Visions Prize Winners

Image via ACSF

We first brought word of the ACSF’s generous prize monies back in September. Each applicant had to show how to: a) End America’s unsustainable dependence on oil from foreign sources; b) Generate and distribute cleaner electricity; or c) Bridge political and geographic divides on energy policy

Now, the lucky winners have been announced. Taking home the grand prize is:

Short video: Roger Sorkin – producer of The Burden: Fossil Fuel, the Military and National Security which will be used as the anchor for a publicity campaign to end fossil fuel dependence in the name of national security and geopolitical stability.

Long video: Greg Kallenberg and Chris Lyon – producer and editor of the Rational Middle Energy Series which hopes to bring people together to have a civil, solutions-based discussion about the energy future.

Mobile and web-based applications – Nick Orenstein and Michael Ditmore of Novim – creators of the Just Science app which seeks to reach a worldwide audience with the educational message that climate change is real and easily seen by everybody.

Seven other projects garnered cash prizes. In Nebraska, the prize will enhance training for harnessing geothermal energy. In Colorado and elsewhere, it will help certify more builders in energy efficient construction while also contributing to Habitat for Humanity projects. The prize will also enable Carbon Visuals, Power Angels and the Environmental Defense Fund to continue depicting the challenge of reducing emissions.

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