Thousands Of Ohio Businesses To Reap Free Energy Audits

When your company is big enough to inhabit a skyscraper, there’s plenty of incentive to track and reduce energy use. In fact, many utilities are happy to perform comprehensive energy audits for large corporations because at that scale both the potential savings and cost are significant.

Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) can benefit from efficiency solutions that are as comprehensive as those for large commercial businesses, but the sheer volume and fragmented needs of SMBs make it difficult for utilities to engage and evaluate them at the scale necessary to be effective. Rather than leave moderately sized companies in the lurch, Ohio’s Council of Smaller Enterprises (COSE) announced a multi-year agreement with Boston-based Retroficiency to deliver more than 1,000 comprehensive small-to-medium business energy audits at no cost to the business owners.

Full-scale commercial energy audits are quite a bit different than the blower-door test and checking for leaks that a homeowner might receive. These massive evaluations can often take days to complete. Small businesses don’t have the ability to shut down for a few days so they can assess their energy use, which is why COSE chose Retroficiency for this particular project.

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The company’s Automated Energy Audit (AEA) software takes building asset data information as it is available, and based on data from tens of thousands of real-world energy audits, makes accurate inferences about a building’s energy systems and builds detailed energy models of the specific building. Retroficiency’s AEA will enable COSE to comprehensively evaluate thousands of potential energy conservation measures during each audit, in up to 50-80 percent less time than it would take to do an audit of similar quality using traditional approaches and tools.

If you’re a business owner in Ohio, you could benefit from this generous windfall. COSE is offering free energy efficiency assessments to qualifying utility customers who own or lease a nonresidential building. The program provides nonresidential customers with the resources they need to not only better understand their current energy use, but also to ultimately decrease it through actionable energy efficiency improvements that can help reduce the costs of utility bills.

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