A Sleek, Tiny Home That Can Follow You Anywhere

Interested in the nomadic lifestyle, but looking for something a bit more luxurious than a bedouin tent, and a bit more eco than a RV? Consider the Loftcube by Werner Aisslinger. This German designer brought his diverse background in experimental art, industrial design and architecture to this project over a decade ago, and the result is a sleek, minimalist home for the modern nomad.

Comprising 420 square feet, the LoftCube makes the 527-square-foot version of Japan’s Mirai Nihon house look spacious. Conceived along somewhat similar lines — both houses were meant to be mobile, and can be easily transported on the back of a truck — the Loftcube puts the emphasis on art, as per Aisslinger’s overriding motto for the Loftcube: “Successful architecture is a fusion of light, view, closeness, and individuality.” The light and the view here are handled by glass, and lots of it, as the LoftCube design was built around 360 degree views. The closeness is handled by the building’s tiny footprint — and as far as individuality goes, the sleek, futuristic design of the home virtually gaurantees attention for the homeowner.

LoftCube Lebanon

image via Green Prophet

In addition to the minimalist energy bills this minimalist home generates, the fact that it is prefabricated means that less resources are wasted during construction. Loftcubes are commercially available, and have been installed all over the world. They can be shipped anywhere, go up in five to seven days, and come down in just two. The homes are wrapped in a glazing that permits all kinds of light and ventilation, and facades and finishes, like the home’s heating and cooling systems, can be customized in accordance with the buyer’s green ethos (and budget).

LoftCube interior

image via Werner Aisslinger

Green Prophet reports that, since the inception of the Loftcube in 2004, they’ve popped up in gardens and on rooftops all over the world: in Spain, Belgium, Canada and now in Lebanon. Mark Doumet’s new Loftcube home boasts panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and is installed just a short distance north of Beirut. If you happen to be in town, feel free to stop by: as the country’s official LoftCube distributor, Doumet encourages visitors.

Susan DeFreitas has covered all manner of green technology for EarthTechling since 2009. She is a graduate of Prescott College for the Liberal Arts and the Environment, and has a background in marketing green businesses. Her work on green living has been featured in Yes! Magazine, the Utne Reader and Natural Home.


  • Reply August 2, 2012

    Ellen Ferrar

    Where can we see more interior photos?

  • Reply August 2, 2012

    Ellen Ferrar

    Where can we see more interior photos?

  • Reply August 2, 2012


    How much does it cost and can it withstand hurricanes?

  • Reply August 5, 2012

    Susan DeFreitas

    Loftcubes run 40 000 and 80 000 EUR,, depending on the distance between the buyer and the factory–more pix at http://www.greenprophet.com/2012/02/prefab-loft-cube-lebanon/

  • Reply August 22, 2012

    Alana Tompkins

    What about plumbing for necessities?

  • Reply February 27, 2015


    can I see the loft cube you are mentioning? Dropping by is such a vague term….

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