Retweeting For Earth Hour And Power Management

This year Earth Hour takes place on Saturday, March 31. It’s an incredible celebration of the planet and one of the best events for driving environmental awareness on a global scale. Since 2007 when the first Earth Hour occurred in Sydney Australia and where over 2 million households, businesses and organizations turned their lights off in a spectacular show of support for protecting the planet, global participation in the one hour event has skyrocketed. In 2011 there were hundreds of millions of people participating from locations all across the globe.

While 2011 marked a year of phenomenal international participation, it was also the year the campaign expanded to ask participants to “go beyond the hour.” This included encouraging people and organizations to do more all year round to protect the planet and to move toward a cleaner and more sustainable world. CSCI members took a leadership role in helping to drive the challenge by taking to Twitter to advance the global use of power management as an important step in going beyond the hour.

Power management controls the amount of energy your laptop or computer uses when it’s not in use. The controls for power management are already loaded on your computer and with just a few clicks can be implemented in minutes. Depending on the cost of energy in your area and the age of your computer, implementing power management can save you up to $60 a year on your electricity bill. And while using power management at home and at work is one of the easiest ways to go green all year long, some studies show that many people and organizations are unaware of the environmental and financial benefits the use of power management can deliver.

This is where Twitter comes into play. As part of our commitment to answer Earth Hour’s call to go beyond the hour in 2011, we launched a Twitter campaign to raise the awareness of the benefits of power management by asking the Twitter community to follow us, take the pledge to use power management, and retweet our Earth Hour tweets to be entered into a contest to win some great energy efficient prizes donated by CSCI members.

And with 2011 closing with over 11,000 people from around the world taking the CSCI pledge to use power management at home and at work, the awareness of the benefits of power management is growing. This is why we’re running the Retweet for Power Management Earth Hour campaign again this year, with even more prizes and more ways to win.

The contest will run from Friday, March 23 to Friday, March 30 with winners announced on April 2. We’ll announce the launch of the contest on our website and post details, ways to win and prizes on our Facebook page in early March. And of course, we’ll have plenty of updates on Twitter. It only takes a follow and a retweet for a chance to win, so mark your calendar and get ready to retweet for Earth Hour, power management, and an environment that is greener and more energy efficient.

About the author – George O. Goodman is the Executive Director of Climate Savers Computing Initiative. Follow and interact with Goodman on Twitter at @gogoodman.

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