CES 2012: Urban Green Energy ViewUGE Energy Monitoring

Urban Green Energy, a company focused on bringing clean energy solutions such as hybrid wind/solar systems in smaller scale installations like homes and parks (i.e. a clean energy powered electric vehicle charging station), is using its CES 2012 time to showcase a new real time renewable energy monitoring system called ViewUGE.

ViewUGE, the company told us, is an online monitoring solution that ties what it says is small wind to the smart grid, allowing consumers to monitor and control the energy production of their small scale wind or solar installations. It sports a rather clean interface, according to Urban Green Energy, and ties into another product made by the company called the 1st Step Weather Station to let one also view remotely current weather data. This can be useful as a renewable energy data point, especially with regards to home wind power.

image via Urban Green Energy

Additionally, besides letting one see how much energy their clean energy installation is producing, one can also view energy consumption in the home. Data gathered by the ViewUGE application can also be shared with others for those who want to showcase how energy efficient of a life they are living.

The Urban Green Energy offering comes into a home energy management space that saw several high end casualties last year, including Google and Microsoft. Despite this, the company seems confident they will succeed, noting ViewUGE “distinguishes itself from monitoring systems implemented in other sectors.”

“At UGE we are strong proponents of using multiple technologies to get the most out of renewable energy, and ViewUGE allows for just that in a very effective manner,” noted Scott Van Pelt, VP of Engineering at UGE, in a statement.

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