Golfing Clean Energy Style In Florida

There is something ineffably cool about a golf cart. Whether you find yourself zipping down the fairway toward a tap-in on the 16th green or simply putting through a retirement community with your parents, the golf cart inspires a retro-goofy, wind-in-the-hair good time. With the introduction of solar powered golf carts a number of years ago, all that golf cart goodness got even better.

Now, a new player has entered into the electric golf cart race. Solar Cart Solutions, a Bonita Springs, Fla.-based company, recently introduced its first solar-powered electric utility vehicle for golf courses, resorts and municipalities. The high-performance Sunmobile has dual-speed switchable-on-the-fly four-wheel independent suspension and a solar power pack that the company claims is unmatched in the market.

solar golf cart

image via Solar Cart Solutions

Solar Cart Solutions is a new venture of Hans Holzmann and William Heckenstaller. The company installed its thin film solar panels and power-management systems on Citrus Hills Golf and Country Club’s 125 E-Z-GO golf carts earlier this year, making it the first golf cart fleet in the USA to run on solar. The club is able to charge the carts overnight only once a week, because solar energy provides enough power to run the carts for daily use.

Solar Cart Solutions plans to add different models to its Sunmobile portfolio to provide options for the growing street-legal slow-moving electric vehicle market.

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