Green To College For Green Building Project

Green building developer Full Spectrum South has pledged $2 million to Jackson State University (JSU) to bolster green efforts by both organizations, as well as supporting education for designing and building sustainable communities.

One of these joint efforts between Full Spectrum South and JSU is Old Capitol Green, a mixed-use urban project in Jackson, Mississippi. Full Spectrum South hires interns from the JSU School of Urban and Regional Planning who use the project as a hands-on learning experience in the ways of urban planning and design, high-performance building practices and operations, and robotics.

Image via Full Spectrum

Old Capitol Green’s first phase is building an office building, a residential complex, and a parking garage, all of which will perhaps become LEED certified. These areas will be used by JSU students as “living laboratories.” Old Capitol Green will be using a robotic parking system, which moves parked cars around on pallets, reducing carbon emissions and traffic. Funding will come from the City of Jackson.

Carlton Brown, chief operating officer of Full Spectrum South, is optimistic about the collaboration, and sees the Old Capitol Green project as a positive step for Jackson’s future, saying, “Hopefully our financial commitment and our commitment to using our project as a living classroom will honor and extend the dedication of those who came before me.”

Laura Caseley is a graduate of SUNY New Paltz and a resident of New York State’s Hudson Valley. She writes for several publications and when she’s not writing, she can usually be found painting in her makeshift studio or enjoying the scenery of her hometown.

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