Green-Job Classes: Full-Scale Or Refreshers

Solar Energy International (SEI) is currently offering a variety of classes in renewable energy such as solar and wind power, ranging from introductory courses to courses designed for people already in the field who need a refresher in areas like technology and legal coding.

Besides courses on renewable energy itself, SEI is also offering business courses for people interested in starting their own companies in the renewable energy field. These course cover sales, financing and marketing, and many of the courses take only a few hours to complete. The Colorado-based company offers both online courses and in-person workshops around the country.

green job courses, Solar Energy International

image via Solar Energy International

SEI hopes that these courses will help prepare students for the rapidly growing renewable energy industry, and stressed the importance of the United States’ position in the global market: “In the past decade alone we have seen tremendous growth in the number of solar powered facilities and wind turbines worldwide. What was once an interesting alternative to fossil fuels has now become an in-demand product that is being developed by all nations.”

SEI also pointed to the need for people entering the renewable energy sector to have a firm grasp of business practices to ensure success. The company said a solid understanding of business is “critical to launching and maintaining a successful company. We offer courses to help you with each of them, intense, short, but comprehensive courses.”


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    edwin garcia

    nu00a0hi! i wont to know more knoledge on this solar power.. rigth now im working here in qatar telecom.. i doneu00a0 solar power with 86 solar array panel.. brand bp solar..control by outbach with 6 charger with a 55000 watts ..i wont to learn a pilipino firstime to install this thing alone in idea how to do it .. succesfull thanks..

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    Hi there,nI would like to enroll for your short course in renewable energy (online).nI am based in Pretoria, South Africa.nWill this be possible?nThanks,nChristine

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