Green Building Concept A Vertical Curiosity

Could a green island in the middle of Cairo that’s been developed in recent years be preserved as an ecological zone with — more development? It may sound unlikely, but the El Warrak Cairo Trio Tower concept by Mans-Our Studio, WHM Design, Wahag Studio and designer Mohamed Sarha is nothing if not ambitious.

This green building concept design takes the edict of urban density seriously with a vertical strategy designed to leave much of the ground level of the island untouched. The circular shape of the towers would offer panoramic views of Cairo and the Nile while providing an ideal amount of wind resistance to power wind turbines and keep the building ventilated (a key design element in a hot climate).

Trio Tower, Cairo

image via Design Buzz/Mohamed Sarha

Design Buzz reports that the “crystal chandelier-like structure” of this trio of towers is built around a main spiral that holds the entire building in place both structurally and aesthetically.

Apparently, one of the ideas behind the structure is that the doors to development on El Warrak Island, following the construction of this skyscraper, would be closed, preserving its green space in perpetuity.

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