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We all know that energy efficiency in the home benefits not only your wallet, but the environment as well, as it reduces energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Turning off lights and faucets is easy to do, but what do we do about the energy loss that’s harder to see? During months of extreme heat or cold, many of us turn to heating and sir conditioning to keep comfortable during these times. But cranking the heat or AC puts a serious strain on power grids, using serious amounts of energy and costing you a lot of money. Worse still, drafts from cracks, lack of insulation, or windows and doors can cause air from the outside to leak in (and vice versa), making your heating and air conditioning systems work extra hard, use extra energy, and cost you extra money.

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This week’s EarthTechling Earth Videos focuses on easy tips to help better insulate your home against the elements, keeping it both comfortable and more energy-efficient, enabling you to save money and cut down on your energy use. Some of the projects shown are for serious do-it-yourselfers, so please practice caution and wear your safety goggles when taking on any home improvements. Or, you can just watch the videos below and call in a professional to assess and weatherize your home.

Cold Snap: Weatherizing for Winter

Beat the Heat: Weatherizing for Summer

How to Weatherize Windows with Plastic Film Insulation- DIY Home Improvement GreenDreamGroup

Attic Air-Sealing: Part 2, The Fix by GreenHomes America

DIY – Draft Detector to stop the energy bandits

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