Green Jobs Sector Heats Up As Solar Power Warms Slow Economy is a veteran-founded, accredited educational institution providing training that prepares professionals to pursue careers in clean energy.

Green Sector: More Jobs and Bigger Paychecks. Yes, Please!

Now you can pick up a solar panel or two while you run out to get value-sized boxes of Cheerios, 20 packs of socks and enough fruit snacks to feed the whole soccer team. That’s because Costco recently started selling DIY solar panel kits in an effort to catch the green wave. When Wal-Mart, Costco and the other Big Box stores jump on the bandwagon, you know that something is up. And that something is solar energy.

A recent and exhaustive study by the Brookings Institute found that the green industry currently employs 2.7 million professionals. The study also found that these jobs tend to pay better than other sectors. For example, in Denver, clean green professionals brought home an average salary of $47,602. This is almost $4,000 more than their counterparts in other sectors. Green jobs are growing even when other sectors are shrinking in the sluggish economy. Since 2003, 500,000 green jobs have been added.

Jumping On The Solar- Powered Train

You don’t want to be left behind once this clean-powered train leaves the station. So how do you, Joe Job-Seeker, take advantage of this green job boom before it’s too late? In a word – solar. As the fastest growing energy source within the green energy sector, solar is the go-to for businesses and residences looking to reduce their operating costs and go green.

Entering the solar industry requires little previous experience. Continuing education and green jobs training institutes like Everblue Training Institute offer both live and online courses that provide you with the basics to get you started down the solar path and become competitive in the solar energy industry.

OK, I’ll Get The Training. But What Will It Teach Me?

Everblue Training Institute offers four types of solar training courses to help you meet your career goals.  Below is a brief summary of the course offerings that Everblue provides. Please visit the website for more information.

  • Solar PV Associate: This entry-level solar course provides students with a basic knowledge and understanding of solar energy. No prior experience is required.
  • Solar PV Installer: This builds upon the entry-level class and covers installation techniques, maintenance and troubleshooting. Completion of this class prepares students to take the NABCEP Certified PV Installer Exam.
  • Solar PV Contractor Series: This combines the Associate and Installer series for a best-value course that provides you with everything you need to be competitive in the solar industry.
  • Solar Thermal: Ideal for plumbers, architects, engineers and solar contractors who want to expand their knowledge and service offerings to remain on the cutting-edge of the green industry. The course covers plumbing, pools and hot water heating.


But How Can A Boring Course Prepare Me For The Real World?

Many people complain that online classes are “two dimensional.” In other words, they’re boring, flat and not engaging. We’ve all sat through an online class or webinar that makes us want to take a nap within the first five to ten minutes of reading text or listening to monotone recordings

Everblue courses are not like other online courses. Everblue has pioneered an effective method to teach all of the basic and introductory aspects of solar in an interactive and engaging online format. The video below exemplifies this innovative approach.

Everblue has online courses taught by actual instructors and uses interactive formats to keep you engaged. Each student is mailed a solar install kit so they have the opportunity to set up a small solar circuit to reinforce the concepts taught in the classroom. This solar kit is part of your take-home materials and is yours to keep.

Beginning your solar training today helps you get ahead of the curve in this growing industry. It promises new opportunities, bigger paychecks and an interesting and rewarding career. Visit today and get started with solar.

About Everblue Training Institute is a veteran-founded, accredited educational institution providing training that prepares professionals to pursue careers in clean energy. Everblue’s extensive curriculum includes multiple BPI Certifications, Renewable Energy Training, Weatherization Training, RESNET HERS Rater, LEED Accredited Professional, NABCEP Solar Certification, Corporate Sustainability, and Carbon Accounting.

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    Solar power is the cleanest and safest of any energy system, so for that reason I would like to see the redundant environmental studies replaced and removed from solar installations. Any other electric generation system is guaranteed to be more harmful to the environment, so why are we wasting time and money studying the tiny environmental impact for every installation? It makes no sense to require studies to be repeated when the results are known ahead of time. This is a waste of money that should be spent on installing clean power.

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