Green Chemistry Big In Oregon’s Future?

By Christina Williams, Sustainable Business Oregon

Researchers at Portland State University published a paper Wednesday highlighting Oregon’s opportunities in the move toward more sustainable chemistry practices and calling for better coordination between organizations to help position the state as a leader.

The paper, “Leadership in Sustainable Chemicals Policy: Opportunities for Oregon,” is aiming to attract the attention of private companies and public agencies and uncover areas ripe for collaboration.

Green Chemistry

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“In Oregon, we have a strong culture around public and private partnerships,” said Jennifer Allen, co-author of the paper and a fellow at PSU’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions. “We have the opportunity to align around a set of priorities.”

For example, Allen would like to see state agencies that monitor and permit chemicals open up better lines of communications between each other. She’d like incentives put in place for businesses to develop green alternatives to toxic materials. And she’d like to see a support system for small businesses looking to do the right thing by the environment and their customers.

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