Student Online Green Videos Inspire Change

Last month in Portland, Oregon the Northwest Institute For Social Change, with the stated goal of teaching college and high school students about the important role media tools can play in creating positive social change, held a small film festival in conjunction with the Institute for Sustainable Solutions called the Student Sustainability Film Festival to showcase the work of students from around North America. Students were awarded cash prizes for top-ranked submissions, as determined by a board of noted judges and filmmakers, including Curt Ellis (producer, “King Corn”), Matt Martin (editor, “No Impact Man”) and Jon Betz (director, “Queen of the Sun”).

The judges split the “Best in Show” this year, according to Northwest Institute For Social Change executive director Phil Busse. “The Kings of Flint,” from Michigan State students, was one winner, while the other, called “Urban Chickens,” was produced by students from the Institute’s own summer program.

image via 2011 Student Sustainability Film Festival

Working with the Northwest Institute For Social Change, we are now happy to present for your viewing a selection of films from this festival.

Beekeeping In Wisconsin

Can We Conserve

The Clean Water Challenge

The Kings of Flint

Urban Chickens

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