Mexico Gets 1 GW Of Clean Energy Storage

At the recent United Nations climate change conference in Mexico, a major announcement was made which will have an interesting impact on the nascent renewable energy storage market. Mexico’s president Felipe Calderón announced plans for his nation to host a 1,000 MW energy storage warehouse, said to be the first of its kind in North America. The warehouse will be developed by Rubenius, a Dubai-based alternative energy and smart grid enabler.

President Calderón, in speaking about the Rubenius plan, said “renewable energy needs a backup for the moment the wind stops blowing or when the sun ceases to shine, and the current backup systems complicate and increase the price of the renewable installation.” The plan for the $4 billion project is to put in place this warehouse in “a strategic site in Mexicali, known as the Silicon Border of Mexico.” The facility will make use of what is said to be massive NaS batteries for the energy storage.

Wind farm

image via Cannon Power Group

Besides the “world’s first energy warehouse,” as Rubenius calls it, the company also has other clean energy plans for Mexico. These include a new energy storage manufacturing factory in Baja California that will create around 1,000 green jobs and several beta sites where off-grid communities are provided with either solar or wind power, power storage and water treatment at rates near what people on the grid are paying in the long run.

“There are many renewables in northern Mexico including solar in Sonora and wind in Baja, but this can only be triggered if they have an energy storage facility such as the one announced by Rubenius to be installed in our country,” stated Calderon.

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