New Eco Automatic Toilet Flusher Powered By Water

It’s not likely something to which you’ve given a whole lot of thought, but toilets that offer the convenience of an automatic flush also use electricity, and electricity, as we know, usually comes with a carbon footprint. Enter the HydroVantage Flush Valve by Zurn, the automatic flushing device that harvests energy from (what else?) hydropower.

The HydroVantage Flush Valve comes equipped with a hydro generator system that harvests energy from the water as it passes through the valve; the turbine spins, as in a classic water wheel, creating electrical energy, which is then stored in a rechargeable cell. This stored energy then powers the electrical needs of the flush valve for subsequent flushes, eliminating the need for external electrical power or battery replacement for 10+ years under normal operating conditions.

According to a release, the valve also features smart technology  that continuously monitors ambient light levels and traffic patterns within the restroom to maximized power savings and minimize false flushing (that pet-peeve of greenies everywhere). The HydroAdvantage also continually tracks activation statistics to optimize power savings based on the location where it happens to be installed.


image via Zurn

Zurn, an Erie, Pennsylvania-based manufacturer of plumbing products, offers a five-year warranty on the device guaranteeing manufacturing standards and dependability. The HydroAdvantage was designed for retrofit, new construction and LEED applications.


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