High Fashion Solar Bags Hit Ebay For Charity

We love when fashion and sustainability combine to create beauty.   From July 5 to July 15, the Portable Light Project will be auctioning off nine unique, solar purses created by a wealth of well known fashion designers via eBay.

Instead of waiting to plug in at home or in the office, you could charge your green gadgets while you’re on the subway, on a plane, or just on the go with a fashionably suitable purse that should satisfy the hip chick in all of us. Each handbag has a stylish solar panel, a rechargeable battery pack, a USB port, and a small built-in LED light.    Purse designers include Diane Van Furstenburg, Tommy Hilfiger, Loomstate, Loeffler Randall, Lutz & Patmos, Rogan, Vena Cava, Zero + Maria Cornejo, and Joseph Muteti.

ebay Solar Bag Charity

image via eBay

The Portable Light Project supports the adoption of clean energy worldwide and helps people in developing countries through their (you guessed it) portable lights.  The portable lights are small photovoltaic textiles that put off enough white light to read by or charge portable devices.   Each light can be joined with others so that an entire community benefits from a sustainable, power source.   The project has been working in Mexico since 2005 and is planning to expand into Nicaragua, Brazil, and Venezuela.   Happy bidding!

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