GE Dives Into Home Energy Management

The fine folks at GE are looking into their crystal balls and you know what they see? Lots of potential revenue to be had as smart grid deployments continue to heat up. To that end, the company recently introduced the Nucleus energy monitoring device, which looks to be the first in a line of smart home energy management products called Brillion.

The Nucleus is designed to work with the two way wireless communication smart meters that many utilities are installing at customers’ homes. It collects and stores a consumer’s household electricity use and cost data for up to three years, presenting this data to them in real time information through PC and smart phone applications. It is thought this device will empower consumers to help them make better decisions about how and when they use energy. It won’t be available immediately though, instead debuting early next year at a maximum price of around $200.

GE Nucleus

image via GE

The GE Nucleus is certainly not the first home energy monitor and management tool we’ve seen, but the fact it is being unveiled by such a large player into what has mostly been a niche industry signifies big things. The device plugs into an outlet for its power source and works to form what GE says is a home energy network of information and control in your house. You could use it, in theory, to control smart appliances, monitor water, natural gas, and renewable energy sources and keep an eye on plug-in electric vehicle charging. Future Brillion products joining it reportedly will include a programmable thermostat, in-home display, a smart phone application, and smart appliances for the entire home.

“Currently consumers have little more than a monthly utility bill to determine what they’re using and spending,” said Dave McCalpin, GM, Home Energy Management, in a statement. “GE’s Nucleus with Brillion technology was developed to provide real-time information for more control over household energy costs and consumption. It serves as the command center for energy and cost conscious homeowners to make smarter, more informed decisions.”

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