Closet Design Concept Eliminates Doing Laundry

What if doing the laundry was as simple as hanging your clothes in the closet and letting the closet do the rest?  Electrolux’s new Clean Closet design, via Yanko Design, envisions a future where laundry doesn’t require much effort or any water.    Here’s how it works:  Hang your clothes in the closet (no more laundry baskets), the machine scans your clothes for stains, and then deodorizes each piece.  LED lights along the side of the closet inform you where the machine is at in the washing process; it only takes a few minutes for a full washing cycle.  Air vents along the top and bottom of the closet suck air into the system that’s used to clean the clothes.

The designers theorize that the consumer of the future will need less clothes since you’ll always have clean clothes when you need them.    Well, maybe…

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