National Science Foundation Videos Promote Green Science To Kids

One of President Obama’s foremost agendas since taking office in 2008 has been to spread green awareness for the sake of a greener, more sustainable America. As a fun and informative method of instilling within children a sense of wonder and excitement about science and engineering, the National Science Foundation has released an online video series designed to amaze and educate.

Entitled Green Revolution, the educational video series is broken into five-minute-long episodes, which “feature scientists and engineers who are working to develop and improve the use of clean energy sources, new fuels and other energy-related technologies,” according to the National Science Foundation. Each episode explores the research undertaken by scientists, as well as the basic science behind their work. The videos will aim to cover hot topics such as the smart grid, batteries, and the development of clean energy solutions such as biomass.

green revolution

Image via the National Science Foundation

The Green Revolution online series ties in with the Obama administration’s New Energy For America plan, which provides opportunities for American students to pursue science, engineering, and entrepreneurship careers related to clean energy.

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