LoftFloat Turns Houseboats Into Solar Powered Sustainable Living

Seeing as approximately 70 percent of the earth consists of water, and because we’re all starting to feel more than a little cramped on land, it seems logical to consider water as a viable living space. For those of us without gills, Magma Design offers the LoftFloat houseboat as one method of dwelling on watery real estate.

Combining the comfort of a loft with the flotation capabilities of a boat, the LoftFloat “measure 45 square meters and are entirely powered by solar energy,” according to Ecofriend. Compact and modern in its aesthetics, the LifeFloat features a single room that is divided into kitchen, living room, bedroom, restroom, and deck areas.


Image via Ecofriend

Green fiends should be pleased to learn that the entire structure is completely sustainable: their solar energy-generating capability occurs during the day and handily fulfills all energy requirements. Currently used in Barcelona, Magma Design’s LoftFloats run €80,000 each, according to Yanko Design.


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    Yeah, it is too expensive for very small house

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