Cooking It Up Eco-Style With The Cool Concept Ekokook Kitchen

Envision a kitchen of the future. One which could help you recycle all matter of waste. While no such kitchen like this actually exists at the moment, designer Faltazi has conceptualized what one might look like some day. It is called, according to Yanko Design, the Ekokook.

Ekokook, says Faltazi, envisions this complete kitchen idea being based around four pillars – “waste management, healthy cooking, reducing energy consumption and intelligent storage.” It is said the Ekokook would contain “facilities for sorting, processing and storage of organic waste, solid waste and liquid waste” and that it would integrate “low consumption appliances such as dishwashers in several compartments, the steam oven and a refrigerator compartment.” It is also felt the system should be built via “materials and manufacturing processes with low environmental impact and durability.”


image via Yanko Design

The heart of the Ekokook would be built around three processing “micro-plants” that focus on different types of recycling. These plants would individually deal with solid waste, such as glass and plastic, liquid waste and organic wastes like left-overs. Proper storage facilities would be in place as part of the design to handle these separate waste materials, be it for temporary organization (i.e. glass recycling) or longer term breaking down (in the case of organics). One example cited as to how you could cross use what is recycled in this system is the notion of using conserved water to later water plants in your home.

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