Piezoelectric Energy Flooring Concept Lets You Walk All Over It

Now here’s a concept design for airports, festivals, or any other high-traffic environment: the Eco-Energy Flooring System. This series of floor pads by designer Stephen Chan Wing Tak uses piezoelectricity–the electric polarization in a substance resulting from the application of mechanical stress–to power OLED floor signage.

According to Yanko Design, the Eco-Energy Flooring System pads make use of the pressure applied by people walking, running, or even rolling their suitcases, bikes or skateboards over them to put the squeeze on a number of piezoelectric blocks. Energy generated by this process is stored on a paper battery system, then released to power energy-efficient OLED lights, which then light the floor up in a series of pre-programmed letters and/or numbers–directing people to baggage claim, for instance, or the beer tent.

image via Yanko Design

The top layer of the Eco-Energy Flooring System is water resistant, sealed with ultra-sonic welding to prevent moisture from entering; below that is the OLED programmable light board; below that, sponge material working as cushioning, distributing force and pressure to the piezoelectric crystal blocks beneath, separated from the paper battery and the lower housing on the bottom by a layer of PCB board.


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    Brilliant but good luck getting that to catch on in the USA what with our “leaders” who are more concerned with power and money than they are creating a energy efficient country or anything else that makes sense for our planet as a whole.

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