Wattvision Goes Beta with Home Energy Monitoring System

Smart meters and smart grids are part of the future of more efficient energy management in the home. Applications like Microsoft’s Hohm are being designed to better help consumers make intelligent energy decisions which not only positively impact one’s bottom line, but also that of the local power grid. There are a variety of start ups out there at the moment trying to contribute solutions to this market, with one of the latest being Wattvision and its energy monitoring product.

Wattvision’s energy monitoring offering includes a wireless sensor, Web site and mobile data. The general gist is that you hook up the wireless 802.11b sensor to a compatible digital electricity meter. The sensor reads your energy usage and forwards it, via your home broadband connection, to your personal account on the Wattvision Web site. This energy usage information, updated very frequently, is also made available to you via your iPhone’s mobile browser.

image via Wattvision

image via Wattvision

Features of the Wattvision offering include simple self-installation of the digital sensor, alerts on irregular energy consumption, detailed history tracking of your energy usage, social media sharing of your live energy usage to others and more. The system is currently in beta, having been rolled out in early December. Pricing is not set yet on monthly plans, but Wattvision expects to do that soon – the sensors themselves run around $200.

Wattvision [via Jetson Green]

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    The real question is – when people get this real-time data what do they do with it? It’s nice to say you have real-time data however if there is nothing to show the syntax between the numbers real-time data can be not as life changing as people think.

    • Reply March 21, 2012


       It helps people become aware of their spending which allows them to cut usage on different things

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