Solar Powered Bathroom Scale Offers A Greener, Slimmer 2010

Here’s a nifty little device that might just help you do double-duty on your New Years resolutions to go green and lose weight: the new Tanita HS-302 Solar Digital Scale.

Combining Japanese electronic precision and second generation Tanita solar technology, this scale uses direct sunlight or indoor lighting for power, so you’ll never run out of battery. As an added bonus, the scale itself is constructed out of something called Terramac–a new type of ABS plastic using biodegradable resins.  According to Tanita, incorporating Terramac reduces the carbon emissions associated with making the scale’s housing by 20%, and allows it to actually degrade when it hits the landfill.

image via Tanita

image via Tanita

All of which means the Tanita HS-302 can all but alleviate the eco guilt associated with the purchase of a new electronic device. (As far as the guilt associated with that slab of German chocolate cake at dinner last night, you’re still on your own.) Available for $59.99.

Tanita HS-302 Solar Digital Scale [via Alternative Consumer]

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