Shower Concept Puts A Brake On Water Wasting

Sure, you get into the shower with all good intentions. But once that steamy water starts flowiing, your conservation-minded eight-to-ten minute soak could easily wind up closer to the twenty minute mark. Enter, the Shower Brake, a concept by designers Sang-In Lee & Dae Hyun Kim that allows you to ration your shower water and assess how much of it you’ve already used.

The Shower Brake uses a water controller that gets pushed up, sucking in an amount of water ideal for a conscientious green shower. As your quota depletes, the controller descends at a constant rate, letting you know how much water you’ve used, offering an incentive to get on with your business, already. The Shower Brake maintains your desired pressure and temperature, while rationing the amount of H20 that wind up spiraling down the drain. 

image via Yanko Design

image via Yanko Design

Of course, if you really need some more time under that steamy spray, you can override the brake by cranking up the controller again. But if you do, you can make it an exceptional splurge, rather than your modus operendi.

Shower Brake

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