Mr. B Cleans Dishes Waterless with Supersonic Technology

Is it possible a common kitchen sink cleaning tool could be so cool? If it is a concept, than you bet that is probably the case. We’ve just learned about a fun looking and functional concept scrubbing brush which uses no water while cleaning. It is called Mr. B and uses “supersonic technology” to get your dishes clean.

What exactly is supersonic technology? We aren’t fully sure, but guess it most likely either sonic waves which break down dirt or very fast vibrations of the built-in brush tips, which are “nano coated.” The brush is soft and rubber, according to designer Jinsoo Park, as well as being an ergonomic design for easier handling while cleaning.

image via Yanko Design

image via Yanko Design

Mr. B’s other cool features include a wireless charging cradle, a stainless steel body which has anti-bacterial and self-cleaning qualities, a multi-function LED display which gives you battery and status indications and auto on/off functionality in between dish cleanings. It looks a lot like a beetle and could come in one of several different body colors.

Mr. B

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