Alternative Fuel Car Show

Alternative Fuel Car Show (via Repost Video News) Virginia Tech’s Hybrid Electric Vehicle Team showed off its latest work at “Innovation Under the Hood: Roanoke’s Green Car Show”.… Read More

Open Source Hybrid Electric Racer Headed for LeMans

Open Source Hybrid Electric Racer Headed for LeMans (via Clean Technica) Nicolas Perrinn is a firm believer in crowdsourced ideas, open source development, and fan-funded projects. What’s truly innovative about Nicolas’ choice of projects however is its scope — because… Read More

5 electric cars to watch out for in 2014

In recent years, car manufacturers have increased their production of environmentally conscious vehicles; rejuvenating the motoring industry with a range of dynamic yet efficient vehicles. Moreover, recent predictions suggest that “worldwide sales of light duty hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles… Read More